Design Case Study

Improvement Product Discover and Sort Filter Sorabel Apps

This document is about research planning & briefs so that each stakeholder in the product department can manage the design process to find and formulate pain points into insights to improve user experience in using a product so that it becomes delightful when used.

Questions trying to be answered

  1. Is it hard for the user to find the fashion product he wants ?
  2. Is navigation the main problem in finding the fashion products that users want ?

Understand The Problem

Gather the data

<aside> 💡 this stage, stakeholders can collect data from any source such as user feedback, customer reviews, playstore / appstore reviews, or automation data (heat maps, bounce rates, visitors, failed transactions, etc.)


By gathering the data, of course, it can help stakeholders to find the context or scope of the research to be carried out.

Affinity diagram

<aside> 💡 In this context, affinity diagrams are used to classify issues or information obtained from user feedback based on the context of the information found.


User Feedback

Grouping issues